WBQA World BBQ Championships – Gothenburg – Sweden

Out of all the challenges I have done this was probably the most likely to lead to humiliation. WBQA is an organisation that has been running competitions across the globe for the last 15 years. They attract teams primarily made up of chefs…. 8 categories, 5 of which go to the world champion title were going to be a lot of work for 2 of us (we had our support crew of 2 for setup and pack down). Thankfully it was Ben and James that spent 26 hours on the ferry so that Alex and I could fly in refreshed and ready to hit the cooking. The event was in the centre of Gothenburg which was great and it was well organised.

The weekend almost started with a disaster when our onsite satellite clock decided that we were still in the UK and changed the time by an hour. Rather than having an hour and 25 minutes to cook our 45 min dish we had 25 minutes. Thankfully our normal relaxed approach and making a few changes meant we were able to turn in a reasonable dish. As long as it wasn’t raw we were going to be ok.  We were approached by several teams saying that they couldn’t believe how calm we were. Well it’s just a BBQ competition right? After day 1, we didn’t get top 10 in fish but did get 5th place chicken and 1st place ribs so heading into the second day we were in a pretty good position.

The pork that was handed out was tiny and the turn in boxes were massive. To compensate against this and the lack of garnish I filled the boxes with meat and was pretty happy with the outcome. We didn’t get a call in pork but did get a second place brisket. When it came to the results it could have been anyone’s.

The Swedish champion was called followed by the Nordic champion. Then after thanks given to everyone that organised and ran the competition it came to the top 3 in the world championships…. You may have guessed by now, we certainly didn’t have a clue at the time but we won! WBQA World BBQ Champion – British Bulldog BBQ team!

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